RTG Legend Series

The RTG Legend Series use high-end commodity hardware to create cost effective, pre-built solutions based on years of research into the needs of enterprise customers in India.

RTG Legend Series workstations are a targeted range of high performance, reliable systems tailored to suit the needs of high end IT environments. From designers utilizing graphics intensive applications to data analysts in finance and scientific researchers requiring application boosting GPUs, the range catapults performance levels with maximum efficiency.

The capabilities for industry leading GPU technology will intensify interactive experiences and heighten the accuracy of intricate research

The professionals behind the RTG Legend series are internationally recognised experts in high-performance server and workstation technology, and with the RTG Legend Series designed, built, and tested in world class build facilities located in Bangalore; these really are workstations conceived, designed and marketed in India - for India.

The entire RTG Legend Series of base models are available next business day across India thanks to our network of tried and trusted resellers; with upgrades available to match current and future requirements. Find your nearest reseller here.


RTG Legend W430

A great solution for a power user workstation, a small business server or a remote office / branch office platform, the RTG Legend W435 is a versatile workhorse for a variety of use cases, enabling a simplified and consolidated support approach, lowering cost.


RTG Legend W435

Powered by dual Intel Xeon CPUs and NVIDIA Quadro GPU, the RTG Legend W435 is a powerful workstation or small business server that's designed for heavier workloads and customizable to your requirements.